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7 STEP               


Power Charging your YouTube Channel.

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Reverse Engineer- Start with your idea

Who is your YouTube channel actually for?

  • Don't try to reach everybody. The fact is that if you try to reach everybody, you will reach nobody.

  • This is why we created a "fictitious" Video Strategy Plan for iRing that you should have downloaded on the previous page.

  • The plan lays out who your target audience is and what problem you can help resolve for them. 

 Go to the iRing Video Strategy Plan and look at the first awareness videos idea.


In this case, we will consult with the iRing Video Strategy Plan which already suggests what our target audience wants to see. 

  • For your first video look under Awareness Videos.

Awareness Video 1
"The Connection Between Good Sleep and Good Health" - Explains the importance of sleep for overall health, attracting Tech-Savvy Sleep Seekers who care about their wellness.

  • There, that's the idea for your first video. It's going to appeal to those who want to know if good sleep leads to better health.

  • Since we are at the awareness stage of the marketing tunnel we need to attract a broad audience, so a good keyword could be "Connection Between Good Sleep and Good Health" or "good sleep is good for health". Let's figure out which one might work best and go to step 2.



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