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Stage 1- Facebook

"Obvious Growth Tools"

Your core focus is becoming recognized. How do you do it?

You need tools. are some tools

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  • Facebook - Why start here? The number-one key to success is getting people to share your content for you. The more people who share your content the faster and more cost-effectively you can scale your audience. You can get huge exposure on FB because it's the most democratic and share-friendly platform. 

  • It also lends itself more reality to scaling than other platforms because it was built around the concept of sharing. On other platforms, virality is much more based on SEO rankings and algorithms. Check out Prince Ea whose videos can get 30M views just on FB in the first weeks

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  • Size matters- The bigger the better because it gives you access to a community of more than 2 billion people. FB's advertising platform (which powers Instagram and, WhatsApp is an incredible strong market research tool


Following on Facebook Fast!

Here are the 2 ways you can grow a following on Facebook

  • Grow organically 

  • FB Advertising platforms  


FB Ads enable you to

1. make your video content go viral to gain mass awareness with the correlative effect of people following you based on this exposure. 

2. Use ap age-likes as unit (any ad with the goal of creating more likes/followers for your page) to target potential new followers. You can access this through Facebook Ads Manager. Select "likes" as your marketing goal.  Here is a good tutorial by Andrew Ethan Zeng to guide you for those do-it-yourselfers. 

By getting on Facebook you will be able to gain real connections with real people, and your newfound credibility can be leveraged to spark organic growth if you understand how to design content to overcome the algorithms.  

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