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How to Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Great Video Marketing Funnel Strategy. From A to Z.

Updated: May 29

Meet Jojo, also known as "Traveling Petite Girl," a blogger, online course creator, and YouTube video producer. Since 2016, Jojo has been sharing her journey as "Traveling Petite Girl," offering insights into the ups and downs of running a creative business.

In November 2020, Jojo made a significant announcement on Instagram, revealing that she had been hacked. This event prompted her to reassess and eliminate platforms that no longer brought her joy. Through her content, she provides an authentic glimpse into a week in her life, balancing blogging, content creation, and managing her business.

Jojo literally freed herself by cutting out platforms that no longer served her, lifting the weight off her shoulders. This shift allowed her to channel more energy into her YouTube presence at Traveling Petite Girl. As a result, her channel has evolved into a formidable marketing machine.

Curious about her success, we spent considerable time watching her content. Beyond learning some great tips about traveling to Paris, we identified two key strategies that make her channel an effective sales funnel. Let's break it down.

First, it's essential to understand the three stages of our video marketing funnel strategy:

  1. Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Conversion

In the context of YouTube, videos in each stage serve a distinct purpose. The top of the funnel is designed to create awareness, drawing people in and encouraging them to explore more of your content.

From Jojo's channel, I selected three excellent top-of-the-funnel awareness videos. At the end of each video, YouTube allows creators to use up to two End Screens, which are thumbnails that link to other videos chosen by the YouTuber. Viewers can click on these thumbnails to seamlessly transition to the next video.

This is where the magic happens. If viewers are interested in learning more about Jojo's niche, they can do so by clicking the End Screen that aligns with their interests. For example, if someone watches Jojo's "Best Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon" video to the end, they will see two End Screen options:

  1. Awareness Video 2, "Best Camera for YouTube," which delves deeper into her niche.

  2. Consideration Video 1, "My Productive Morning Routine," which provides more personal insight into Jojo's life.

These strategically placed End Screens guide viewers through a tailored journey, enhancing engagement and deepening their connection with Jojo's content.


With top-of-the-funnel videos, you don't need to be familiar with Jojo to find value in her travel tips or recommendations for the best cameras for vlogging. These videos attract a broad audience based on shared interests.

In the middle of the funnel, Consideration Videos play a crucial role in building community and encouraging repeat engagement. Examples include her productive morning routine or a deep dive into how she monetizes her blog. At the end of each Consideration Video, viewers are presented with two End Screen options.

For instance, let's say a viewer watches Consideration Video 1, "My Productive Morning Routine." They are then given two options:

  1. Consideration Video 2, "My Glowy & Minimalist Makeup Look for Everyday"

  2. Conversion Video 1, "What's Inside the Blogger Planner," which promotes an app Jojo is selling.

If the viewer is more interested in Jojo's personal life, they might choose Consideration Video 2. Upon watching that video to the end, they will again be presented with two more End Screen options. They can either proceed to the Conversion Video or select "Best for Viewer," allowing YouTube's algorithm to choose the most suitable video.

This strategic use of End Screens not only enhances viewer engagement but also guides them through a carefully curated content journey, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.


If you already have an idea of who Jojo is and have gained value from her travel tips, you might be eager for more content, even if it comes with a price tag. This is where the bottom-of-the-funnel Conversion Videos come into play, focusing on her digital planners available on Etsy.

The Awareness Videos draw in a broad audience, while the Consideration Videos establish Jojo's expertise and build a sense of community. Together, these stages create a compelling funnel that not only engages viewers but also guides them towards making a purchase.

It's a lot easier for an audience to trust her and want to buy those products. An effective YouTube sales funnel needs content for all three of these stages. Jojo's Awareness videos will grow your follower count while Consideration Videos establish Jojo as a trusted personality in her niche.

Another effective strategy Jojo employs to transition viewers from her YouTube channel to her blog at Traveling Petite Girl is by offering free resources, often in exchange for an email address. For example, if you're watching her video about travel tips in Paris and want to know the coordinates of an amazing photo opportunity, you can find those details in the corresponding blog post on her website. This approach not only drives traffic to her blog but also helps grow her email list, providing further opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Take a look at the home page of Jojo's website, where she highlights her mission to help multi-passionate creatives right in the first section of her landing page. If you’re a multi-passionate creator, this clear message instantly assures you that her content and products are tailored to your needs. It's an excellent reminder for us creators to clearly communicate our focus

and value proposition from the outset, ensuring we attract and engage the right audience.

Once you're on Jojo's website, you'll find an entire category dedicated to free resources, including a comprehensive library of them. This ensures that even if visitors aren't ready to sign up for a course or coaching session, they still leave feeling valued by the content she's provided, and Jojo benefits by adding them to her email list.

One of her clever freebies is a monthly calendar wallpaper for your phone or desktop. It's a simple yet effective digital product that keeps her content front and center for her audience. Think about how many times a day you look at your phone—her content is always right there. This strategy not only provides ongoing value but also encourages people to stay on her email list, knowing they will receive a new wallpaper every month.

Giving away content for free might sound counterintuitive, but when done right, it can be a highly effective way to drive traffic. It doesn't have to be complicated either. Sharing simple details, like the coordinates of a photo opportunity on her blog, incurs no extra cost. Even the additional effort of creating other resources is repaid through increased trust and credibility.

What we love about these two strategies is their versatility. They aren't limited to just blogging. Any creator with a YouTube channel and their own website can draw inspiration from Jojo's success. However, after funneling viewers from YouTube to your website or email list, there's still one crucial step left—converting those viewers into customers.

Jojo has mastered the art of conversion as well. On her home page, you'll notice a "Learn More" button—a call to action for the services she provides. When you click it, instead of simply detailing the services, she addresses a specific pain point or desire her audience has. This approach makes her offerings more appealing and relevant, increasing the likelihood of converting viewers into customers.

Then, you can click the "Enroll Now" button, which leads to Bold Blogger Academy. This comprehensive blogging system includes $328 worth of bonuses for those who enroll.

Your customers won't buy your products or services just because you say they're great. They'll make a purchase to solve a problem or alleviate a pain point. The clearer you are about the value behind that paywall, the more successful you'll be. Another effective strategy is to ensure your ideal customer feels understood and seen.

Don't hesitate to speak directly to the people who will derive the most value from your content. Here's a real-world example to illustrate this point!

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