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4 Strategies how to get views on YouTube 101

  • His name is Marco and his channel is called JustDreamItaly. It only took him 9 days to reach 1000 subscribers and 15 total days to get his channel monetized. But what people don't realize is that he strategically tapped into interest-based content and search-based content when he was starting his channel.

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"I was very prepared. When I started my channel, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had zoned in really on the style that I wanted on my video based on other YouTubers that I admire. And so I really knew what I wanted to produce when I started with the channel. I think that's why the channel did take off, because I was prepared in terms of the actual filming of the content.

I was prepared in knowing how to edit that content and I knew who the channel was meant for. I knew what the niche was. I was really informed of other channels who were doing similar things to a lesser quality and already getting a lot of a lot of views. Having that clarity, I think, is what made the channel take off."

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His first two videos included a specific searchable location nado, a town in Italy and a specific desire buying a home in that area or buying a townhouse. So Marco wasn't just making random videos. He was discovering intelligent video ideas and boom, That was the foundational key to his early YouTube success. So the question is, how did you and I actually discover what people want to watch on YouTube?

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So the question is, how did you and I actually discover what people want to watch on YouTube? How can we find these smart interest-based video ideas and how can we get people to click and watch them?

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