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Stage 1- Facebook

Stick with the Facebook Bid Amount

Facebook's ad platform suggests the amount you should spend on your ads.

Screen Shot 2023-10-21 at 12.15.37 PM.png
  • Depending on the ad for your video content, it's usually anywhere from $11 to $25 a day. you should never spend more than the suggested amount.

  • This budget methodology is what we use when it comes to driving virality or followers. When we run direct-response ads to drive leads, conversions, and sales, we increase the budget once we find a winning ad set (a group of ads that share settings for how, when, and where to run) or campaign.

NOTE: A common mistake I see people making when running ads for the purpose of virality or followers is increasing the bid amount in the middle of a campaign. Perhaps they start with an ad that runs for $25 a day and performs well. They get excited because they see that it’s working, so they want to fuel it; they move the bid from $25 to $100 or $500 a day. The problem is, when this occurs, Facebook resets the cost in the auction. Perhaps people were getting a penny per page like, but when they raise their ad spend from $25 to $100, it resets, and costs will increase and be inflated.

  • When an ad set is working really well, duplicate it and create a new one, Create an additional ad set at the original $26 amount, and find new video content to help the ad reach more people. changing these variables allows you to create new variations to test and scale with. 

  • Facebook introduced campaign budget optimization, where you set a budget for the entire campaign, and then Facebook auto-optimizes how much of your budget is sent to each ad set, which does not allow you to control it at the ad-set level. As of this writing, my team and I have found that this doesn’t create the same level of performance as when we control the campaign budget through our own optimization of ad sets. Facebook has gone back and forth about whether they’ll eventually force people to use the campaign budget optimization feature in the future. At the time of this writing, Facebook has said that they won’t force this option, but we’ll see what the future brings.

In this video, Ben Heath explains Campaign Budget Optimization vs Facebook Advantage Campaign Budget


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