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Stage 1- Facebook

"Using CPA for Gaining Followers"


CPA stands for "Cost-per-Acquisition", if you are building a fan base, even from an organic perspective, there's a cost to acquire followers and subscribers.  Anyone who tells you gaining followers for free is wrong, at least for most of us.

  • Costs? - Unless you are paying someone to do all the work for you then you are spending time posting and monitoring your video content.

  • ROI - Looking at your ROI is the most fundamental and important thing people forget when talking about marketing, business, and advertising. ROI will come in the form of getting new clients, investors, and/or sponsors. If you are looking to get more likes, comments and shares (we'll just call this "social engagement") from the video content you spent so much to make, the amount you'll spend depends on different variables, including what market you're going after, what part of the world you're looking to reach, and how effective your content is in getting someone to follow your page. If you're building a global company or brand, the cost efficiencies to drive audiences in emerging markets are cheaper. In the United States or the UK, we've been able to generate followers for as low as seven cents. In emerging markets like India, with average to good content, you can often get a follower for 1 penny. Even 2 followers per penny. More about this later on inin the section "Go Global"

  • Cost? I you have great content and can benefit from a global audience, for as low as $10K, we've seen one million followers generated in less than a month (even as quickly as a week, if you do it right) using this system.

Note: There are many strategies that I'll discuss later on other pages that focus solely on organic growth in case you don't care to spend the $10K. Please don't feel the pressure to spend loads of capital on social platforms. 


Driving Down the Cost of Acquisistion of Followers

Finding the right video conent that fits your niche is key!


Keep in mind you are NOT buying fake accounts or people who don't care about your video content. These are actual followers who will watch, like, and even share what you are posting.  You are building a community that centers around what you are offering or as Seth Goden calls it, this is your "tribe".

Screen Shot 2023-10-21 at 11.48.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-21 at 11.48.41 AM.png

It's no different than paying for an ad in a newspaper or magazine. People see your ad then they can opt in or not. 

BUT when you have a great content, Facebook's algorithms pick up the fact that people are resonating with your videos, which allows you to spend less. Facebook operates as an auction. The more people like it, the more Facebook increases the supply and the cheaper it gets. 

BUT if your videos are poorly performing, you can continue to run the ad, but Facebook hates that and will charge you more for bad videos that no one is watching. Time to take it down. 

How do you know if your content is underperforming? Just look at the metrics. If it's getting shared and liked you're in a good position. That's your ROI. Are people clicking through to your website? Are they buying? Are they asking you to set up a phone call or filling out a form?

For more details on tracking ROI here is a video for you. 

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